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Smug Has A Short Lifespan

Crisp, Insightful, and honest. Great story.


Oh, I have been amazing lately in Zumba.

My hips almost sway; my shoulders almost don’t look tense; my breasts almost shimmy; my teeth almost unclench. I’m almost there.

So I strutted into class tonight full of almost self-confidence.

And there was someone in my spot. My spot. That place on the floor where I always stand. Another woman was in my spot.

My confidence fell just a bit. But hey, no big deal. I’m mature. I went and stood in a spot behind the little usurper. Somewhat to the left though, because I couldn’t be right behind her, or I wouldn’t be able to see myself in the mirror. I have to see myself. I have a cute outfit.


Only I wasn’t the only one wearing that cute outfit. This girl – the one standing in MY SPOT – was wearing the exact same thing. A black racerback tank…

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