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It's Wicked Ah-Some!

A Demon on the Chest

A vivid and well written telling of one’s sleeping disorder

C. Michael Wells


Sleep Paralysis is a sleeping disorder often accompanied by the most vivid of nightmares. In nearly every culture around the planet, these nightmares are found in folklore. Known to those in China as “Ghost Oppression, in Japan as ‘kanashibar’ (literally meaning bound of fastened in Metal, in Newfoundland as “The Old Hag”, and in Mexico as the phrase “a dead body climbed on top of me.” Sleep paralysis nightmares are always characterized as the same, one lays awake, unable to move and is partially aware of their immediate surroundings but they are aware of another presence in the room.

Sleep paralysis was first identified by Wier Mitchell in 1876. Of it, Mitchell stated, “The subject awakes to consciousness of his environment but is incapable of moving a muscle; lying to all appearance still asleep. He is really engaged in a struggle for movement fraught with acute mental distress; could he but…

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