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Reading Psychology is Good for You

I’ll second the title of this post! Psychology may not be an exact science. But then again, no two individuals are made up of the same formula. [Life experiences = infinite variables]. So read on and discover something about yourself!

How To Ace the GRE

Psychology gets a bad rep these days. Go to a random physics department somewhere and start talking to people, and odds are it won’t take long to find someone who looks down on psychology as not a “real” science. I distinctly remember deciding to take an introductory psych course as a freshman in college, only to have multiple people, who I ordinarily looked up to as intelligent and discerning people, wonder aloud in a not-so-subtle way why I was wasting my time on a “bullshit science” such as psychology. After all, there are plenty of good hard sciences that I could learn, like chemistry or biology.

However, this somewhat less than stellar reputation for ease and lack of rigor couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite the fact that people all over the country seem to constantly be promoting STEM courses as best for teaching rigorous critical thinking skills, I…

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