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A Demon on the Chest

Originally posted on C. Michael Wells:
Sleep Paralysis is a sleeping disorder often accompanied by the most vivid of nightmares. In nearly every culture around the planet, these nightmares are…

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Little Orange Pills.

Originally posted on THISBEATINGHEART:
I shake the prescription bottle, the little orange pills clang around in the neon yellow plastic holder. The sound of it gives me relief, and even…

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Go, NaNoWriMo Participants!

Originally posted on Live to Write – Write to Live:
It’s almost November 1st—a thrilling time of year! I love the idea of National Novel Writing Month and I love…

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A biologist, an engineer, a designer and a musical robot builder walk into a room. Not a joke; it’s their office

Originally posted on TED Blog:
It doesn’t look like much, but 33 Flatbush Avenue, in a drab part of downtown Brooklyn, is a hotbed of creativity and collaboration. Really. All…

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Sciencey LOL of the Week

Originally posted on Why? Because Science.:
… or perhaps not so sciencey, but funny (and true) nonetheless 🙂

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Is Our Collective ADHD Really a New Thing?

Originally posted on ads without products:
The experience of a new sense of paranoia, about our intellectual capacities, our attention spans, our abilities to concentrate, to retain. “I simply don’t…

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The night I was a ghost – a true story

Originally posted on The Green-Walled Tower:
I am now a legend of terror, a whispered story that will be told over and over in bars or around the dinner table.…

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